Hair Extensions 101

Hair Maintenance is one of the most tedious and dreary tasks as it requires multiple products, consistency in efforts, and probably even a fair bit of patience. 

What if there was a long-term solution? 

Yes, there is one and that is hair extensions. 

You can have whatever type of hair you want without having to worry about its maintenance Colored hair? You got it! 

Voluminous hair? You got it. 

Tension free? Got it!

What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions are artificial hair that can be added to your hair through different methods to give you the look you need. Commonly, hair extensions are used to increase the length of the hair, to add fullness to your hair or to add color to your hair without having to treat your natural hair with chemicals.

These hair extensions are made from synthetic fibers and these fibers can withstand heat up to 400 Fahrenheit. Otherwise, you can also opt for real human hair but the cost may vary.

Types of hair extensions 

  1. Clip-in Hair Extensions  

These are the least natural looking hair extensions but they can be easily applied and removed. Anyone who likes to change their hair frequently should opt for this. Compared to all other hair extensions this method is the least damaging as it doesn’t involve using any chemicals. However, it requires a lot of maintenance.

  1. Weaving 

This method requires thick natural hair as natural hair is used as an anchor for extensions to join. In this method, natural hair is braided and used as anchor. Extensions are added with a cotton thread and needle. These extensions are long lasting but can result in making the scalp sore and may feel heavy or uncomfortable.

  1. Micro bonds 

This is the best method to blend in with natural hair. In this method, a small loop is used to pull through the extension and then a metal bead is used to fix it. The downside with this is that heat is used to blend and might damage your hair, the beads might also create an imbalance in your hair.

  1. Fusion bonds

If you are looking for something permanent, then fusion bonds are your go to method. It involves fusing your hair with an extension with an adhesive like keratin. The number of fusion bonds depends on the money and time you are willing to spend and your hairstylist. The only drawback is that once applied, it is pretty hard to undo it.

5. Bonded hair extensions 

These are also known as keratin extensions. This works very well for fine or thin hair types. They blend perfectly well in pony tails.

Life is short, why should your hair be? 


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