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Why does a Salon Franchise make so much sense from a business perspective?

When examining franchise concepts, the hair care salon business is rarely the first industry people consider. But, when they learn more, our franchisees find this retail industry performs like no other. Ours is an Industry that:

  • Is relevant in any community and any economic climate.
  • Is a fundamental service best performed by professionals
  • Resists technological obsolescence and excels with Technology.
  • Has low, non-perishable inventory requirements.
  • Is about making people look and feel good about themselves.

The Sooper Salon Franchise
India’s first offering of Franchise as a Service (FAAS).

Sooper has very established track of generating repeat, loyal salon traffic. We stand above the rest because we have:

  • The Only Technology
    Powered Salon Franchise
    in the Country
  • Post Purchase Marketing
    Built into every
  • The Most Sought-After
  • The Most Sophisticated
    Reward Redemption
  • The Best Stylist Lead
    Generation Program
    in the business
  • Unparalleled
  • Complete
  • State-of-the-art

Changing Face of the Salon Industry
And How to Navigate the Change

A Partnership That Delivers Success

Sooper is a partner that delivers a significant, stable and desirable business for any retail centre. The repetitive nature of our business ensures our staying power. Our growth is driven by our ability to provide current yet affordable haircuts, styling, colouring and waxing services to our clients each year. Nobody knows the new- age salon business better than Sooper.


All promotional strategies such as local advertisements in daily newspapers, popular magazines, local television channels, putting up banners, setting up hoardings, distribution of pamphlets, paper inserts, etc. at various places of the local areas where franchisee operates will be taken care by franchisee. National marketing and brand promotion activities will be completed by franchiser.

Partner Orientation Program

A two weeks orientation program will be held for training the franchisee and their key personnel at franchiser location. The franchise orientation program aims at helping the franchisee, understand the salon business and transferring the knowledge gathered by the Sooper Salon.

On-Site and On-Line Hair Styling and Operational training

Hair style training will be imparted to Sooper Stylists on an on-going basis along with specially developed training models. Operational training is imparted on a quarterly basis in a given year or even lesser as deemed necessary. This shall be through Skype or other video conferencing platforms, as well.

Supply of Sooper Salon Proprietary Ambience Material

Franchiser will provide the proprietary services which would include visual communication material in soft copy, specified as per the Sooper Salon ambience that includes exterior and interior furnishing and paid services of the designated architects and contractors.

Who is an Ideal Sooper Franchise?


Our franchise program revolves around the quality of our franchises. We are clear we want to be leaders in the locations we operate, and that will happen by ensuring that we have the right franchisee, with the right commitment and the right resources. The least we expect is:

  • Can manage teams remotely.
  • Has an eye for futuristic concepts.
  • Reasonable financial resources and background. 
  • Interest in commercial real estate and monetary returns on properties and investments.

If you possess the above mentioned traits, you too could be a part of this rewarding experience by owning a Sooper Salon. Sooper Salon will very closely discuss with the prospective applicants about their long term and short-term goals and see how applicants can become an integral part of Sooper Salon family. If applicant does not suit this business, Sooper Salon will clearly spell that out and if an applicant matches our requirements, we will invite him/her to feel our centres and experience the perfection and expertise of our centres.