Guide for Fabu-lash Eyelash Extensions

Are you planning on getting an eyelash extension? Or have you already got one? Here is a guide for you to maintain that fabulous eyelash and look glamorous all the time. 

How to prepare for a lash appointment?

Research – before getting on, always research all the available salons near you to find the salon that provides the best service. Since there are many styles available in the market, search for all of them to find the most suitable one for you.

Bring pictures – always bring pictures of the style you want to the expert. So that you can do that style accurately without getting disappointed.

No sensitive products – Avoid using sensitive products such as retinol. It can affect your appointment.

Dress comfortably – eyelash extension appointments can be long and time consuming. Dress comfortably as you have to lie for hours.

No coffee – avoid drinking coffee in the mornings or before your appointments as it can make it hard for you to stay still.

Allergies – before starting the process, mention all your allergies to the expert. In order to avoid any infections from the glue.

Remove contacts – contacts are safety hazards for lash extension. Remove your contacts before starting the procedure. 

After care 

To maintain eyelash extensions, its essential to follow these practices –

  • Be careful while washing your face, your lashes may get tangled.
  • Avoid using oil based products or makeup removers. As the components in it may break down the glue.
  • Do not use any mascara on the extensions. It will cause them to fall out prematurely.
  • Use gentle foaming cleanser to clean eyelash extensions.
  • Brush the lashes several times a day with a spooly brush.


  • Do clean your lashes regularly. Lash extensions often get tangled up. To have neat, pretty lashes, clean it regularly with a gentle cleanser.
  • Do sleep on a silk pillowcase. Cotton can grab your hair and twist it, ruining your lashes. To avoid such circumstances use a silk pillowcase.
  • Protect your lashes from the sun. Too much exposure in the sun can dry your lashes. Avoid going out in high temperatures or wear sunglasses.


  • Don’t sleep on your stomach. Sleeping on your stomach can damage your lashes as it squeezes your lashes.
  • Don’t rub your eyes. Rubbing your eyes may damage your lashes as you pluck it out by mistake.
  • Don’t use a curler. Eyelash extensions are already curled so you don’t have to curl it again. Curling them again might change their shape.
  • Don’t use products with oil. Oil can break down the glue and the lash may fall out. To avoid this do not use any oil based products near your eyes.
  • Don’t swim in salt water. Avoiding swimming in salt water for a long period of time. Salt can also break down the glue leading to premature fall out of lashes.
  • Don’t delay refills. If you wait too long to get a refill, you will need to get it done freshly again.

How to remove extensions 

Try to avoid removing extensions at home as any mistake may harm your eyes. It’s best to get it removed by experts. 

However, if you don’t have time or have an emergency, you can follow the procedure below to remove extensions.

  1. Use oil based makeup remover –

As said earlier, oil can break down the glue leading to fall out of lashes. 

  1. Take a hot shower –

Hot water can also loosen the lashes by breaking down the glue.

  1. Use castor oil –

Use castor oil as a nightly treatment. Castor oil breaks down the lash adhesive.

  1. Don’t pull lashes –

Even if lashes don’t fall or few remain after all the above treatments. do not pull them as it can damage your natural lashes.

Here’s a tip!

If a few lashes did not fall out, use a mascara to make them blend with your natural lashes. Over time, all the extensions will fall out.


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