10 Points for Post-Patch Protection

Have you recently gotten a hair patch? Here is a quick maintenance guide.

  1. Hair wash 

For a few weeks after getting the patch, don’t wash your hair directly under shower. Wash your hair in the old method with a mug and pouring water.

  1. Shampoo

Avoid using your regular shampoos as it may damage your patch. Consult your hair stylist about what shampoo to be used to maintain your hair patch.

  1. Conditioner 

Use conditioner after hair wash to keep the hair silky and natural. Avoid using conditioners with harsh chemicals. 

  1. Protection from sun 

High temperature and humidity can ruin the quality of a hair patch. It’s always good to use a cap when you are going out.

  1. Brush regularly 

Comb your hair patch regularly with a wide toothed, soft bristled comb to make it look more natural.

  1. Swimming caps 

Wear swimming caps if you are going for a swim. Salt water can damage your hair patch. 

  1. Hair serum 

Use hair serum to maintain the hair patch.

  1. No hair oil 

Don’t use hair oil on the patch as it can damage the hair patch instead you can use hair serum.

9.Hard water 

Don’t use hard water on the patch as it can ruin the quality of the patch.


Use heat carefully for styling based on the material of the patch.


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